Being adopted into the family of God… Yesu en Na (Jesus Loves you in Karen)

There are two boys in the orphanage that really touched me. Both of them had stories of abandonment. I have not been in the position that they are, but my heart aches too. I sat and played and interacted with them. They were amazing boys ~ they spoke Karen, Thai and some English. I laughed as you could tell they were “best friends.” After a bit, they sang songs in the Karen language to us and did skits. Shy at first, but when you saw the Presence of God move upon them, they just flowed. It may seem like such a small thing, but I gave them hugs and kisses and let them hold on to me before I left. My heart, was once again captivated.

I sometimes wonder how my heart would have room for so many around the world? It is a glimpse to just how much the Father cares for us individually. Hard to comprehend.. but an absolute delight to freely give and receive the Love that has been deposited in our hearts.
I have over 8500 of them around the world.. Each unique and very special to me.

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