Maybe she’s here for us, dear!

I meet Mike (a brit) and Maggie (a scott). They are on a world tour. They ask why I’m there. I’m on a mission thus I’m a missionary. Mike’s response was one that saddened my heart. He talked about how the entire worlds problems were because of religion. If God would just be forgotten, there would be no problems. I told him that man has taken religion and turned it into a form of control and power. But You, Father, love us and want a relationship with us. Mike asked if my goal was to “convert” everyone on the island. I share that the converting is not up to me, but rather up to Lord. It is a conversation in Love ~ I saw how easy it would have been easy to step over to debate Mike intellectually and back him into a corner. But we avoid conversations that gender strife ~ pointing people to the Cross and talk about Your goodness in the earth today. Maggie asked me how long I was to be in Fiji. I told them until I finish all the appointments that the Lord has for me. Maggie’s reply, “maybe she’s here for us dear.” Mike laughed and said he’s alright. My heart is saddened and I pray for them to know You.

The Lord heart of love: The next day, You prompt me to read Galatians in The Message bible starting with the preface. It is just what Mike, Maggie and I were talking about the day before ~ man using religion as a form of control and how it is Your love that you desire us to know and experience a free life. My prayers are for an opportunity to share this with them.

The Spirit of the Lord draws. Thank you Lord!!! I finish breakfast Mike & Maggie come over. Mike asks me if I’ve converted the entire island yet. I laugh and then was able to share what the preface to Galatians said and how it was fascinating that I was prompted to read what we were just having a discussion about. Mike said, “really I’m not a skeptic.” But inside, I know both of them truly do not know your love!!! I sense a hunger in Maggie. I’m thankful for how you work, as he who receives me receives the One Who sent me. Your Spirit touched both of them. When I finished reading Mike had tears in his eyes and Maggie was hanging on all the Words. I gave Mike the bible. He told me that I did not need to do that, I said I had more and to consider it my gift. He was thankful.

An inside heart note: 1 Sam 16:7
There are many supernatural things God will do that are not outwardly spectacular. Thank you Lord for showing me how You are working! In ending our conversations, we realized that I originally was on the same flight out to LA. Mike asked if the Lord told me not to get on the Plane!! Only the Lord can show how Mike’s heart was reaching out to know and trust IN HIM and His leadings. I said, yes the Lord told me not to get on the plane, but it was because I needed to stay longer for further work and not an alarm. Lord, let this be your entrance into their lives to put your love deep into their hearts. In Jesus Name!