Ministering at the orphanages: 1200 orphans….and growing.

Thank you to all who gave toothbrushes, toothpaste, personal hygiene items, and clothes. We were able to demonstrate the Love of God in action by ministering to the needs of the widows and orphans ~ thus fulfilling James 1:28.
At the beginning of the year, the orphanages had a total of 800+ children. That number grew quickly in 2007. The orphanages are spread out across Burkina, but are ran by one individual who himself was an orphan.
Many children end up with out a father (leaving widows & orphans) or have no parents as a result of Malaria, Tribal wars and Aids. For the women who’ve lost their husbands, in the culture there, if a husband dies, no matter the cause, it is the woman’s fault. She’s stripped of everything, cut off from any support and put out with the children. These children are also considered orphans.
The children are also exploited and abused in ways that make one shudder. It grieves my heart.

We carried over many clothes that were donated… Some came from my former retail partners who donated all the merchant and advertising samples… While others came from generous donors who cleaned out clearance racks at Target and other places. Both of these avenues were used by God to let the children know they are special to Him. All said, we clothed approximately 400-500 children ~ Complete outfits….

The director of the orphanage was just stunned as he looked at the clothes… with tears in his eyes, he stated, “NO ONE ever gives new clothes, These children have never had something new in their lives.” Made me stop and appreciate all that I have and stand so grateful for being used of the Lord to touch the hearts of the children. I say, I’m the blessed one who gets to see the faces of the children when they receive the toys, toothbrushes, clothes and other items.

But to those who gave, Thank you on behalf of the children. Your reward will be great…..