Raise your hands to heaven!!!

Mr. Signh asked me to visit classes for the remainder of the day. I was happy to oblige. I went from room to room spending about 15 minutes with each class. I was able to reaffirm the message of salvation, being filled and answer any questions the students had.

I was having fun sharing about the other places I had been sent and personal tidbits. I told each class that if they remembered anything about my visit, please to make sure it was not that I had white skin (no tan here~maybe alittle off white ), not my blond hair, not my blue eyes. But to remember that they will go to heaven one day because Jesus is their Lord. They showed me big grins as they said “I’m going to heaven, because Jesus is my Lord.” It was precious.

I was also sharing that they did not need me to continue being filled with the Spirit. All they needed to do was to raise their hands to heaven and ask the Lord to fill them. In the first Class 1 (first grade), I wasn’t asking them to actually do it, but the class raised their hands and said “Fill me Lord.” Once again, the fire of God fell. Some students fell over and giggled and giggled. Others mouths were again giving praises to God in a heavenly prayer language. The sweet presence of the Lord filled the room and one knew again that this was not due to the efforts of man. This happened again in the second Class 1 I visited. The Lord was again filling the children by them responding to what His Holy Spirit was prompting them to do in their hearts ~ lift their hands to heaven. Glory and Praises to the One True Loving God!