Same Call…. Different Hardships

There was an older man that we would see sitting out on the porch as we came and went. He smiled, but did not say much.

In the afternoon, he ventured into the sitting room and sat down. He sat for a bit and then Moses started to interpet for him… Morurid, is Pastor Prupon’s father, he told us that he was a bit shy and would go into another room because his English was not that good. But there was something inviting about us that drew him to be with us. Through Moses, we learned that this unassuming man was a Pastor and he spoke about what he endured as a Karen Christian carrying forth the gospel.

His ministry was not always easy. The gospel was preached in places where they did not want to hear the truth and he’d be stoned. He also had his clothes stolen. They denied food and shelter to sleep… but he kept going. There were many deliverances of those who were oppressed of the devil. There were numerous healings and other miracles that took place as the power of God manifested. There were many who came to know the truth. He went on and blessed us with the many testimonies that he shared. How unassuming and humble of a man he is…… and so full of the Joy of the Lord.

I have never been stoned, but have had clothing stolen and most certainly, I’ve not been denied food and shelter in the way he described…. Makes me reflect on how each of our lives is called to share the gospel, yet we endure different hardships…

It is time to get ready so we can go to the next village… he says, “we’ll talk more tomorrow. “
Once again, Morurid smiles big…and leaves the room.