TO THE NATIONS is a direct answer from the Lord. In May 2006, while in China, the Lord showed me Psalms 2:8 then had it written in Chinese on a scroll. When it is translated back to English, the Psalm reads:

You have sought me, begged of me, pleaded with me for the nations. I will now give you all the lands of the earth for your possession.

At the end of July 2006, the Lord sent me into the nations to take possession of what He’s promised, then given me. It is an Adventure with the Holy Spirit, I always know exactally where I will be going and what I’ll be doing: I’m going with a proven and known God to fulfill His will and purpose; Who has never had a failure as He is a faith God and He is the Author and Finisher of my faith.

The website is to keep an online journal of testimonies of what God is doing in the earth today, prayer requests and what I am experiencing to encourage all of you to further TRUST IN THE LORD and let Him lead you into the fulness of His plan for your life.

God Bless and Love in Christ who is my Life. K