Reading Postings

Postings are listed in date order, with the most recent date being the first posting. Depending on the length of the posting, a number of dates can be viewed at once.

To go to a specific date, click on the date on the calendar on the right hand side of the screen. Bolded dates have posts. When you click on a bolded date, only posts for that date will be viewable. Click on another date to see further postings.

Previous months archive after they are completed. If you want to go to a previous month click on the archives month and it will pull up the specific month. Multiple postings will be viewable starting with the last posting in that month. To view a specific date, click on the specific date to review. Again, only bolded dates have postings.

Photos that are posted are lower resolution for quick uploading. On some photos (specifically in countires where photos can put others at risk), I’ve purposely blurred the photo. I want to share some of the scenes, but not disclose the people.