Smooth Sailing…. Worshiping Him

Wow… What a time in the fishing community of Posilagon. We did 5 services and the last night the for of the Holy Spirit fell. Many were healed. Blind eyes opened deaf ears heard and the children what can I say. Many weeping and being touched by Jesus. The sweet presence if Jesus. We are now on the boat ride back. Much smoother that our. Weather prefect seas calm and blue that I cannot describe. Thx 4 prayers. Love you.. K from the HTC AMAZE as I travel an amazing world with the Holy Spirit of God…

As requested… proof of “ridership” my foot.. recognize the painted toes???

Beautiful smooth ride back to Matabulu…. we worshiped the Lord on the ride back.

Coming in to Matabulu…

Another Ride of a lifetime….

We departed Sammy’s place and had a ride of our lifetime… First by vehicle. The hujian besar (big rains) has washed much of the road infrastructure out and so the drive to the coast to where we will catch our water taxi has taken up most of the day.
We stopped at the coastal town called Matabulu. Just as we were going to be transported out to the taxi, hujian besar (becoming a familiar phrase) hit… We were invited into a house to wait it out. In the process, we were able to share the Lord with the children of the house and they all prayed to Receive Jesus as Lord. Natures delays, are God’s relays…

FROM MY PHONE VIA INTERNET: We are on the boat to the coastal town of Posilagon . Hujan besser ( big rains) hit Ruhr before we started off. So this will be another ride of a lifetime. Can I say Fiji 2005… Love you all. Ministry has been wonderful. I shot video and will try and get it uploaded… it was a ride….

On the Island of Sulawesi…..

It is 4 am & I just got settled on the island. Going to go to sleep I have geese honking chickens chirping motorbikes zooming. Now that is the missions field except I have ac which is not but a huge blessing since it will be 90+ today. Keep praying. Looking forward to seeing the children tomorrow…. Love to all.

A few days in Jakarta before we depart for Sulawesi

I am being blessed here in Jakarta. While on the way over, I prayed for the connections with people that I would be making. The family that is hosting my stay here is absolutely wonderful and so gracious. I am overwhelmed by their going way beyond what I had expected to take care of me. I’ve had wonderful meals, a tour of the city, time to get the little things I need for this time spent here. They have the blessing of God on their lives and know it is theirs to share it with others.

They are building a new house and we were able to go and pray in the “prayer room” on the upper floor. It overlooks Jakarta and it was the heart of the owner to make sure he “MADE ROOM” For the Lord first and foremost. It will be open to all to come, watch and pray.

A few of the meals… Not what I expected…. Really….

The Gardens….

Enjoy the photos.. it was stunning.