Missionary Rules….good to know

The Rules are things that I’ve learned over the past 12 years of missions work. Enjoy and remember, the list grows longer each year… I write them in my travel journal and then transfer them to a special book where I’ve kept track of all of them.. I’ll try to update them as new ones are added…

Many times I speak about “invoking” rules as I’m in the field – a necessity to bring humor to situtations.

Maybe as a complement to the rules, I should have the missionary humor section, as it is those situtations that many of the rules are generated from… that might give a better understanding of how the rule came into play.

with much love to all of you who support me to discover the rules!!!

Rule 1: When things are not as you expect, do not lower your expectation on what God will do…
Man’s delays are God’s relays… His ways, afterall, are higher than ours!!! SELAH!

Rule 2: Always carry a change of clothes in your carry on when you travel.
Learned from First trip to Africa… Thank you to AF who left our luggage on the taramak in Paris for this rule.

Rule 3: When it comes to foreign food, TRY EVERYTHING ONCE, you’ll be surprised.
**Both good and bad. Good looking things can be bad tasting and bad looking things can be good tasting!

Rule 4: Part B of Rule 3 – When it comes to trying new food, start with a spoonful fisrt.
***KEY: As you can always swallow a spoonful of somthing not so tasty but not a plateful…
Learned the hard way by my Special T-man….

Rule 5: Remember to carry snacks… they come in handy when you get hungry and are 12 hours away from your next meal.
Also if you are food challenged… eating spoonfuls might not get you through the month!

Rule 6: Don’t always assume you are there to Minister. Often times you are to be ministered to.

Rule 7: Remember you are not the special one. Rather your job is to let others know they are special and treasured.
Your gift is for the lifting up of others not yourself.

Rule 8: Bring Bounce (dryer sheets): It really does add freshness…
Also putting it in a ziplock bag with a not so fresh shirt, leave it in the sun for a bit, you’ve “dry cleaned” your shirt – (minus taking out the dirt)

Rule 9: Don’t say you’d never do something… That will change really really quickly.

Rule 10: Never refuse to give a hug. It can change a nation…
And yes, the Fragrance of God does covers the odious ones…

Rule 11: Never look at a kitchen, you will never eat. Rather thank God for blessings and sanctifying the food.
***If you are asked to wash your hands in a kitchen, FOCUS on the spicket and try not to look around.

Rule 12: Never pack your pants in one suitcase…It might be the one that is delayed or lost.
***Thx. PJ for the tips of experiecne.

Rule 12b: Never pack all your shirts in one suitcase… you might end up with only bottoms!
**Again, thx PJ for the tip 😉

Rule 13: Don’t assume something is milk, even when there is a cow on the bottle. Ask many questions, oftentimes it may not be milk… Let me say Doough… and that is enough.. M, PK, & M…. smile when you read…Good think I drank tea!!!

Rule 14: Be ready to share all of yourself….you are the dispenser of the Love of God.

Rule 15: Carry Chocolate quick, it can cover alot… **Note, this one is not always the easiest

Rule 16: Carry Candy, everyone loves sweetites… But remember the everlasting sweet is the presence of Jesus!

Rule 17: Don’t sit in the front of the vehicle if you are a back seat driver…

Rule 18: Don’t tell someone how to drive in their nation. You’ll cause an accident.. And honestly, you don’t know the rules of the road.

Rule 19: Try and learn how to say hello, good by, thank you and Jesus loves you in the language spoken. Those words go along way. *** Children are the best teachers.

Rule 20: Be prepared, the market in many nations is not what the market is here.So, this goes with rule 11, never look at the kitchen… Never look at the market, you’ll never eat…

Rule 21: ROLLING SUITCASES are not always the best… especially when crossing borders by water taxi’s and have to “roll” down a mud riverbank…. Carefully consider your trip and traveling gear options.

Rule 22: Priceline is not always the best place to but your ticket… Yes, they’ll get you there, but it may take days.. and the direct flight might have 10 stops.. Thx PJ again for the practical advice!

Always the final Rule: Be flexible, as when you are inflexible, you’ll break….