Going Camping…to the bush we go….

As you know, this has been a wonderful transformation for me as I’ve followed the dream God put in my heart.. to reach the lost…. On each trip, He takes me to places I never thought I’d go.

Honestly now…. This was my first real “camping” trip. Trip 1 to Africa, Air France left all the bags on the tarmac in Paris, so no Gear to stay in the bush made it over, trip 2 to Africa, we stayed in a “motel”, all accommodations were simple, but not “bush” . All my other trips the same… I’ve done remote islands… they had “houses” and structures, no electric or running water, but I’ve not really had to “camp out”.

This was a first…. I’m thankful to the Holy Spirit who prompted me to buy my “bed roll” mat to sleep on, sleep sack and mosquito net. It was that prompting that prepared me, even though we did not know that we’d stay in the bush.