Oh no, I’m going to the headmasters (principles) office!

The day had finally arrived and I’m going to school. I met Daniel and he introduced me to the Headmaster, Mr. Singh. We then proceed to his class (grade 6). The teaching the Lord had me lay out was for redemption and the role of the Holy Spirit. Daniel and I decided that we’d start with the devotional time and proceed from there. Mr. Signh joined the class during the devotional and listened attentively. At the end of my Devotional time, Mr. Signh asked if he could meet with me.

Oh no, I’m going to the headmasters (principles) office! What did I do???

Mr. Signh offered me tea then said, I really liked what you were teaching. I want you to spend time in ALL of the classes (24 classes 40 students each). So, is it possible for you to come and teach each of the next three days? He wanted me to share and pray with all classes for salvation. He explained that although it was a Methodist school, it was a multicultural school with all different religious backgrounds enrolled. They do teach morning devotionals from the bible (Methodist after all), but the majority of the children were not saved.

He especially wanted more teaching on the role of the Holy Spirit. I asked him if he was Spirit filled. He said, yes, just recently and he wanted all the children to have the fullness of God in their lives. He desired for the children to have a good understanding on God the Holy Spirit ~ the Spirit of Truth. I sat in awe as I realized that I was appointed to do something really special and was sitting in the middle of a mighty move of God. I agreed to come and teach school over the next few days, with Friday being the last day and an all school assembly. It was that day when it was planned to fill the children. The rest of my day was spent teaching additional classes. Glory to God!

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Mr. Signh   Daniel & Class 6K