A few days in Jakarta before we depart for Sulawesi

I am being blessed here in Jakarta. While on the way over, I prayed for the connections with people that I would be making. The family that is hosting my stay here is absolutely wonderful and so gracious. I am overwhelmed by their going way beyond what I had expected to take care of me. I’ve had wonderful meals, a tour of the city, time to get the little things I need for this time spent here. They have the blessing of God on their lives and know it is theirs to share it with others.

They are building a new house and we were able to go and pray in the “prayer room” on the upper floor. It overlooks Jakarta and it was the heart of the owner to make sure he “MADE ROOM” For the Lord first and foremost. It will be open to all to come, watch and pray.

A few of the meals… Not what I expected…. Really….