A shot in the arm of faith from Dr. Ma

A visit to the elderly care center. I’ve listened to Dr. Ma tell her testimony three times in a year. I am further challenged in my faith as I sit and listen to her share. Here is a woman who at 65 had colon cancer and was told that there was nothing they could do. She told God, I can not die, I’ve not done anything for you yet. She started the elderly care center and was totally healed in the process. She’s 86 years old now.

Each time I listen, my heart is stirred more and more. From a natural standpoint, there are many needs and she shares how God is faithful to take care of all of them. From coal (yes, they burn coal to heat the little rooms), blankets to help them keep warm (shelter, not tight and warm like at home, but shelter), daily food (which arrived as she was sharing how God provides the meals!) and rent for the buildings (you can own a house but not the land and you pay rent). We sip on hot tea as we listen to her share then depart to see the seniors and pray for needs. Funny thing is that as I sat there I was wondering about the grandpas, we’ve visited and seen many grandmas but never elderly men. I was wondering where they were being cared for. God answered my question, on this trip, we visited and prayed for the grandpas. I was touched as some of them prayed for US! Yes, when we were finished praying for them, they lifted their hearts up in prayer for us. It was wonderful.

Praying Grandpa Grandma Reading Prayer for others

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