An Excellent Spirit ~ A lion’s den

Ok, we had Easter Break here… Good Friday and Easter Monday.. So I’m back teaching about cultivating an excellent Spirit and the ability to stand firm in the faith even when you are threatened to be thrown into a lion’s den.

Daniel had an excellent spirit and others took notice about how he was different and “marked” by it. They were jealous and wanted to harm Daniel and remove him from the picture. The story goes, there was a decree that was made by the King (he was tricked into signing it) that any one caught praying to their own God, would be thrown into the Lions den. This threat did not deter Daniel praying to his God. Daniel had faith in God so he threw open his windows and continued to pray during the day and loudly at that. Daniel was brought before the King, the King had to fulfill the sentence (grieved in his heart about it) and had Daniel put into the lion’s den. The Angel of the Lord shut the mouths of the lions, kept Daniel safe at night. When the King arrived in the morning and found Daniel safe from harm, he made a new decree for those to serve the God of Daniel.

Daniel had an excellent spirit. It kept him through the night!