And they were assembled in one accord.

Friday has arrived. I had not filled a group this large with the Holy Spirit before. This was going to be a new experience for me. I was seeking the Lord to show me what to do. It was impressed upon my heart that I’d know when the time arrived.

The assembly was broken into parts. First was the morning devotional and prayer by two students. Followed by a recognition ceremony for achievements in athletics and outstanding classes, students and other classroom recognition. Then they raised the Fijian Flag and sang 2 songs. One was the Fijian national Anthem the other was a praise song to the Lord. After the normal assembly activities were completed, Mr. Signh, introduced me to the entire school.

Good Morning Madam, rang as I stepped up to the microphone. I greeted them and then what happened next, I am in awe. The Lord had me say just a few things: first was they knew God the Father, our Creator, God the Son, Jesus our Redeemer, but God wanted them to know God the Holy Spirit, the one who could complete them and enable them to fulfill all the plans and purposes He had for each individual. I asked all the children to close their eyes and focus on God. Do not think about anything but God. We said a few Hallelujahs then I was prompted to read the first few verses of Acts Chapter 2. As soon as I got done reading verse 3 and started to pray in tongues, the Fire of God fell upon the Children. Some started laughing, some were speaking in tongues and others were weeping. I stood in Awe weeping at His Majestic Presence. There were waves of the Spirit moving over the children and it would grow louder then softer then louder. It was a Glorious Sound from Heaven!! This went on for a while. Those walking by the school would stop and watch as the waves of the Holy Spirit move over the children. I could only stand and praise the God for what He had just done.

I do pray that as you’ve read these words, the Holy Spirit of God floods your hearts as He did the children. It was an experience that was Truly Beautiful, Absolutely Pure, Definitely Holy, and only and All of Him. If any of you have not been filled with the Holy Spirit of the Lord, just close your eyes like the children and focus on God. Lift your hands to heaven and ask Him to flood you with His Holy Spirit so you are filled.

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