Another Ride of a lifetime….

We departed Sammy’s place and had a ride of our lifetime… First by vehicle. The hujian besar (big rains) has washed much of the road infrastructure out and so the drive to the coast to where we will catch our water taxi has taken up most of the day.
We stopped at the coastal town called Matabulu. Just as we were going to be transported out to the taxi, hujian besar (becoming a familiar phrase) hit… We were invited into a house to wait it out. In the process, we were able to share the Lord with the children of the house and they all prayed to Receive Jesus as Lord. Natures delays, are God’s relays…

FROM MY PHONE VIA INTERNET: We are on the boat to the coastal town of Posilagon . Hujan besser ( big rains) hit Ruhr before we started off. So this will be another ride of a lifetime. Can I say Fiji 2005… Love you all. Ministry has been wonderful. I shot video and will try and get it uploaded… it was a ride….