In obedience of what we were taught

I walk into the porch and Morurid smiles, in his native Karen tongue, he sings “Jesus loves me”.. I smile and sing it back in English…. He then joins me and laughs. I hand him a little beanie baby and he smiles big. I also hand him a cross on a ribbon that I brought to give others. He immediately ties it on his wrist and says, “ I will not forget you” in broken English.
“Me either” is my reply… We join the rest of the grouping the main room…. And he starts to share some more…

The question was asked, “How was it that you became a Christian?”
With a grin, and answered… “Well” he smiled big, “our forefathers taught us that a white man would bring a book that unite us to Y’wa – the Supreme God.” He shifted in his chair as he sat upright, “My grand parents were some of the first Christians – Adoniram Judson, he translated the Bible into Karen and brought it to the my people… They received Jesus and became the first pastors. My parents were pastors and then I received Jesus in obedience to what we were taught from our forefathers, The white man would bring the book that would have the answer… I simply obeyed what they foretold when it was presented to me.”

“How did you know you were to be a pastor?” was our next question…..
“That’s easy” he said with a bigger smile, “Once I had the truth, I knew I needed to share it with others.” We agreed. He continued, “ All the hardships are nothing, seeing the power of God operate through His people to reach others is something.”