I stand in awe of You!!!

Later, as I reflected on the Journey to the village, I hear the still small voice of the Lord….
“You are the white person with the book…” I pause quitely to try and understand what is being spoken…

For Jeremiah 29:11 states, “For I know the plans I have for you…” the Holy Spirit of the Lord continued, “When I spoke that to them, I had you in mind……… for I know the plans I have for you.”

The plan for me happened to be a fulfillment of what was spoken to the earlier generations of the Karen Tribes… ”A white man with a book… would unite you with God.” I am humbled and speechless. For when I first started missions and read about this people, I thought to myself, “I wonder if I will ever meet a Karen?” All the while Father God had it planned for me to be one of “the white men with the book.” Lord, I stand in Awe of You…

Eternity in their Hearts is the book I read…. Here is a recap of what is written….

The Karen of Burma had been searching for centuries for a “white brother who was supposed to bring them a book…(whose) author is Y’wa-the Supreme God…that the white brother, having given them the lost book, will thereby set them free from all who oppress them.” Their folk religion’s hymns bear striking resemblances to God’s character and “the Karen story of man’s falling away from God contains stunning parallels to Genesis chapter 1: Y’wa formed the world originally. He appointed food and drink. He appointed the ‘fruit of trial.’ He gave detailed orders. Mu-kaw-lee deceived two persons. He caused them to eat the fruit of the tree of the trial. They obeyed not…they believed not Y’wa…when they ate the fruit of trial they became subject to sickness, aging and death.” Wow! This was a remote group of people who had never come in contact with Jews or Christians before, yet their own religion, thousands of years old, had an incredible witness of the Lord! The Karen nation was thus poised like an 800,000 member welcoming party, ready for the first unsuspecting missionary who approached them with a Bible and a message of deliverance from God.” When missionaries finally brought the Gospel to the Karen in the early 1800s, thousands accepted Christ almost immediately and “almost as quickly as Karen were converted and baptized, they became missionaries to spread the good news still further among their own people” and neighboring tribes!