Back to the Tropics Again..

Glory to God… He’s sending me back to Fiji. Yes, once again, I’ll kick off the fall in the tropics. I will be traveling with a team of 7 (including myself). We will be ministering along with the Church in Suva once again. This trip, the team will venture out and stay a few nights in the village.
This will enable some more in depth ministry to the people.

A few things to note: Revival is still going strong in Fiji. The Lord continues to pour out His Spirit upon the people. Many India Indians have been getting delivered from demonic oppression and entire villages come to the Saving Grace of Jesus!!! Glory to God. Living Word on the Rock Fiji has planted 5 churches in the past year. One really sweet note is that they started a Church on the Island of Makogai ~ Honored!! One plants, another waters and God gives the increase. If the door opens (weather patterns hold steady) there is a chance that I can be going back to the island. Although I’ve been desiring to go back for the past two years, it is all in His timing.

The team will depart to go back to the US on Sept. 21st, I will be staying on and going to work with the Mission School and the Church on the other side of the island the Lord hooked me up with last year.
Thank you to all who gave time, supplies and other items for me to take with me to bless the children!!!! How long will I stay??? Well, I do have a return date on my ticket, but I will stay until the Lord tells me to return.
That means, to me, it is open ended.

My prayer requests are for:

1. Health of the entire team: There has been some interesting physical challenges with some of the team members, thank the Lord that we abide in the Secret Place (PS 91)
2. Smooth Adjustments to the weather and culture: The team consists of many new members. Additional Grace for there will be many new experiences by all.
3. Yielding to the Holy Spirit: May we all continue to submit one to another, esteeming the gift in the others higher than our own. All the while stepping out boldly as the Spirit of the Lord leads.
4. Continued Fire to be poured out through and in us
5. His will to be done in all circumstances and situations
6. For the Children in the mission school, for them to experience another wonderful touch of the Lord as I go back
7. For the people in the villages who are hosting us, may the Lord bless them as they open up their homes.
8. For the financial provision to be met for every member of the team and the church as they host us
9. For the Blood of Christ to cover all of us so any attacks of the enemy are thwarted
10. For extra Grace and Strength for my business partner, (two of us are going to Fiji, leaving one to steer the ship)

I will be updating my website (it’s been a while) while I’m there ~ so please check it out.. I’ll send out a recap upon my return.

Thank you for partnering with me to win the lost at any cost.
My prayers over all of you are for the Lord to pour out more of His Spirit upon each one of you that will draw you closer to Him. May you hear and receive in your heart the plans He has written for each of you.
For you to be quick to obey as He directs you to step up and out. For the windows of heaven to be open and pouring out such a blessing, you have no room to receive but have to GIVE and GIVE…
May the Lord continue to shine His Face upon all of you and renew your strength so you can finish the course He has appointed each of you to run.

God Bless. Jesus Loves you and so do I