Children’s Service

We did a children’s service to start off ministry. The children sang to us in Telugu. It is precious. I always close my eyes in anticipation of being wisked to heaven to see all the tribes tongues and nations praising the Lord in their own language.

Our team did not sing (so per say). The team performed a skit about having Jesus as Lord. Usually, we do the skit for the unsaved. But we performed it to show how being too busy with friends and playing all the time can push the Lord out of our life. How it is important to spend time playing with the Lord each day.

The teachers ask us to pray over the children one by one. They line up 7 lines for us to pray. I thought I was going slow through my prayer line, it seemed to not get any shorter. After finishing over one girl, I was enlightened to why my line was taking so long to get through ~ some of the Children were hopping in to my line to be prayed over. It was funny ~ it was because I’m blond and so white (I stood out even more). It is a draw to those who have beautiful dark hair and skin ~ I’m unusual ~ no comments please:). After prayer, we handed out candies to the children for them to enjoy. It was a wonderful introduction to the children and such sweet fellowship!

Photos to follow: