Application of Missionary Rule number 1

I’m standing in awe of what He has been doing. For me, this has been a press because the original reason I was invited down to Fiji for, the Youth Crusades have been put on hold. For the exact reason, I really don’t know, but they are not happening as originally planned. So what did I do???? For those of you who don’t know, I’ve created a missionary handbook of rules and applied:

Missionary Rule # 1, “When things don’t go as expected, don’t lower your expectations on the Lord’s ability to act….”
Not too complicated, just following the peace in my heart. But it still requires prayer to maintain that peace.

The question is “Youth crusades, should they be the way man desires or the way the Lord has planned?”
The answer is, the Lord is having HIS Youth Crusades.

The Lord’s Youth Crusades revealed: the 2008 School session began just before I arrived back here. So, how delighted were the teachers and students that here I was back so soon after I departed in fall. For me, it is a sheer gift that I’m allowed in to minister in the Primary School. As the opportunity to deposit the love and plans and purposes of God in their hearts is one that I do not take lightly.

I have been in school not only teaching the Scripture Lessons, but also Math, Science, History, Music and English ~ I’m a “full time” teacher. It is priceless, as I am able to really work with some of the children, especially the ones who were struggling on subjects, and encourage them. It is my joy and delight to be able to pray over the children who are struggling at the teachers desk which is in the front of the classroom. The other students, regardless of what their “religious” background, say “amen” to my prayers and encourage those who struggle to come up for prayer too. It is something that would be wonderful to have back in the American Schools. In one particular class, I started to think that the students “struggled” just to come up and get prayer. Precious….

The Lord also opened up the door to the Secondary School (High School) for me to teach the Religious Education classes. The headmaster there is new and so he asked me why I had not been there the two previous years. I told him, really, I believe it is the timing of the Lord. Now is the time. There are 20 classes and another 1000 students that I have been requested to come and teach. For the first round, I’ve taught the Form 7 (Seniors) three times. Prayer, finding out the Plans and Purposes for your life, and following the dreams in your heart have been the topics. They are so full of questions and it is wonderful to see the Holy Spirit make Himself known to the students. I had four additional classes right before we went into a two week block break. I will be heading back to school at the beginning of next week and will have a full teaching schedule.