Fleeing your home…..and ending up???

We went to a mountainas region by Burma.. there are the refugee camps of the Karen people. In one camp, there was about 30,000 families in structures that the Thai government has built. Those families have fled as the Burmese government are attacking villages and killing the people.
Hard to believe that the disregard for human life exists in this day and age, but it most certainly does. ]

There is a river (SEE BELOW) that on the east side is Thailand and the West Side is a mountain. On the East Side of the Mountain it is still Thailand, but the west side is Burma. When the Burmese army wants to attack the Karen people who have fled to the East side of the mountain, they do so. From a stragetic position, it is not wise to put your army across the river. The Burmese Army knows this.. They also have lined the river with mines to “deter” the Karen people from “swimming” to the saftey of Thailand….
Please continue to pray for these people. To remain in the Hiding Place of God and under the Shadow of the Almighty.