Following the dream in your heart…….

On my flight from Mpls to Amsterdam, I met a lovely gentleman named Donald. He is from Scotland and works for a medical company.  He does compliance checks all over the world. Quite a bit of his time is spent in MN. He started a conversation about following the dreams in our hearts. He asked me what I do…… My answer, Follow the dream that is in my heart….. Sharing the Love of God with tribes, tongues and nations. We talk about my travels and how I make the decisions on where to go and what I do. Although our work for the gospel varies, it always has to come down to one thing: Sharing the Good News and ensuring that all who are in front of me have the opportunity to know in their hearts that they will go to heaven one day. I ask Donald that very question.. At the time of departure from Minneapolis, Donald was not sure. Once we arrived in Amsterdam, Donald had peace in his heart on where eternity would be spent!!! Jesus had became Lord! He told me that he was so thankful to have been seated next to “such a nice person on the flight”. Thank you Lord for the seat assignment.