Getting good at eating with Chopsticks!!!!

Our group is eating traditional Chinese food, for some it is a step way outside of their comfort zone. I’ll not forget to mention they are also getting use to eating with chopsticks and most meals are eaten with Chopsticks (ok if you really really need a fork, they will bring you one). I’m getting pretty good at using the chopsticks and don’t have too much run a way food.

The food (some of what looks funny) can be a challenge. I encourage them to invoke the missionary food rule and just try little bites to see if they like something. I like to watch the kid’s and in many ways, they are doing better than the adults!

Our breakfasts are traditional Chinese foods. Bamboo shoots, Chinese veggies, Pancakes (Chinese but really nice), hot chili peppered celery (really tasty ~ but hotttttttttt!) and tea. We had our lunch of Traditional Peking Duck ~ a culinary delight that all must have when in China. They serve the meals by using a giant “lazy susan” in the middle of the table. You need to move fast as the food goes zipping by. It is a great concept here and no one had to say, “pass the rice.”

I enjoyed seeing the adventurous spirit people have when it comes to the strange food ~ fermented eggs, quail eggs (Last time I had them they tasted like ňúsmoked mozzarella cheese, so this time, I encouraged others to try them. Well, no smoked mozzarella taste this time. Sorry Guys, but hey an egg is an egg ~ right???) To most of the groups relief, we did not eat at the “fear factor” buffet on this trip as most food was identifiable.

Zoe and Jackilin showing how to use Chopsticks correctly:

zcs.jpg jlchop.jpg