Going to School….

Visiting schools and ministering to the children is such a delight. Any child, no matter where they are from, love to have guests see them in school. What an honor it was to go to Hope School and minister.

Linda gives the team a book that describes a skit of the Armour of God. Each one of has a role to play as we demonstrate what armour of God will do for us as we put it on…. It brought laughter, ooohs and ahhhs, but best of all, it brought Salvation to all who opened their hearts to receive Jesus.

Ministry to the children:
Carolyn Teaching & Children Reacting
Carolyn as narriator of the skit school-7.JPG

Armor of God… Kent is the Sheild of Faith, Backpack is the breastplate of Righteousness, Hat is the Helmet of Salvation… Children praying to receive Jesus… Precious!!!
school-armor.JPG hope-school-prayer.JPG