Happy Resurrection Day!!!! He has Risen Indeed!!!!

Today, I celebrated Easter with my Fiji family, Indian, Bolu (Father), Namala (Mother), Anthony, Jordan and Sunam.

I guess you could say it was a non-traditional Easter dinner for me. Curried Fish, Roti (tortilla kind of), cucumber/carrot salad. Delighted that I had a family to share it with. It is sweet fellowship and I’m honored to call them family.

I baked a banana cake for Namala and we celebrated her birthday that was yesterday. They all enjoyed it.

To those who back home who have enjoyed my banana cake… well, let’s just say the Fijian bananas add to the experience. They are so delightfully tasty that it is so hard to eat bananas back there anyway, but the cake… oh how splendid it was!!!

Birthday Cake Balu and Namala