How was Asia Lost???? A question and an answer…

As we travelled I could not help but notice many of the structures had “altars” out in front of them. As I prayed and inquired of the Lord about this, I could not help but think… How was Asia lost??? Many men and women of God had spent time in these areas and the gospel had gone forth… But now…alters to unknown gods everywhere???!

As I looked at the altars I thought about if every Christian would put a cross up in their yards.. then I thought, well, taste level.. I’m not ashamed of putting a cross up and would gladly do so, but how much is too much and is it right?

The answer was spoken: Idolatry, Asia was lost due to the people worshiping creation instead of the Creator..

We are the temple of the Holy Ghost… and are to be written epistles. God wants the seal upon your heart and the outward sign to be the Love.
John 17… The world will know us by our Love!

Pray for the nations (Including the US) to know and worship the Creator… And then the Truth will set them free.. free from Spiritual Death…

Crossing the Border from Thailand to Laos… via boat taxi….