I’ll take a salvation with the pineapple fanta!!

Pastor Eliso and I were talking about what the Lord has been doing on my extended stay. One thing that I was sharing with him was the ministry to the Muslims. I explained how I was seeing an open heaven during Ramadan. Many were accepting Jesus Christ, the Son of God, freely as Lord and Savior. Oh how the Light of the World was shining. Somewhere in the conversation, I told Pastor Eliso that I wanted to get something to drink. We walked down to a little shop. Managing the shop was a man named Ehud Muhammad, he was a Muslim Iman. After ordering my drink, I started to share with Ehud how much God loved him. As we talked, I shared God’s plan for redemption through Jesus. After a few minutes, Ehud was praying to accept Jesus, the Son of God, as Lord and Savior to have his eternal life secure in heaven. Glory to God ~ It was a manifestation of what we were just talking about.