Still not done ~ yet

It has been further put into my heart the importance of doing all the things that the Lord has planned for me to do. As I’ve gone though this last week, I’ve had a number of requests to extend my stay a bit longer. My answer has always been, if there is a plan and purpose of the Lord, I’ll stay. I put it up in prayer and the Lord revelaed to me that I still have a few things left. I’m not done yet.

Please continue to pray. There are things that need to be accomplished and as the anointing has increased, I’ve noticed a few challenges by the enemy of our soul. I’ve overcome all of them because of the Blood of the Lamb and Who I am in Christ Jesus ~Redeemed.

I’ve not missed any comforts of home. My love for the people here has made it feel like I’m home. They have opened up their houses to me, invited me for dinner and have offered various blessings. I’m sure that next week, I’ll wind down and get excited about coming back to the States. This has been the longest I’ve been away from “home” in my life. With out familar surroundings, faces, and things. Grace has seen me through. Divine connections have given me family. The Love of God has shown me it is all worth being away. So far this is way way way way beyond what I expected. Not just in distance, in all areas of my walk and life. God bless you all. With Love in Christ who is my life. K