Instructions from Jesus

I’m overwhelmed by the goodness of our Lord. He loves us so much, even when we doubt in Him, Who He is and His abilities, He will still touch us with His Love.

He reaches out to us ~ more than we do towards Him sometimes.

Silla and I were getting ready to depart Ba and I needed to use the restroom before we left. We decided to stop in a store by the bus station. Ana, a worker, lead us to the ladies room. As we were leaving the store, Ana came back to me and asked, “are you a Christian faith preacher from overseas?” I answered, “Yes, I am a Christian missionary.” Ana replied, “There is a lady here looking for you. She needs healing. Her husband is right there. His name is Muhammad and they are Muslims.” After a short conversation Ana and Paul, a coworker, took all of us to the back of the store so we could pray for Heyat.

When I started to minister, I told them that it was not me, but Jesus the Son of God who would heal her. They both said “We know that.” I shared Who Jesus is ~ The living Son of God who came that they might have eternal life. Without hesitation, they both prayed to receive Jesus as Lord, Savior and Healer. We then prayed for Heyat’s healing. As I prayed for her, the Love of God for this lady, who had cried out in affliction, filled my heart. I could feel the compassion Jesus had for her as the anointing worked to heal her. It was in Love that Jesus told her where to go, who to ask for and what to expect. (The Holy Spirit quickened to me Acts 9 and Paul’s encounter with the Lord Jesus. The encounter with the Lord Jesus changed Paul’s life.) Even when Heyat did not believe in Who Jesus is, He was reaching out to her to heal her from her affliction. Never rejecting her, but reaching out. When he gave her instructions, she went in faith and Jesus made her whole. Amazing Love. I’m overwhelmed.