National Holiday ~ Fiji Day!!

This day is like our Fourth of July in America. The entire country shuts down to celebrate the day with various events. Here is Sigatoga, it is the BilliBilli. There are races and it is a serious event. The hotels in the area all have teams that participate an have been training for the races for months. The day kicks off with a 23K relay run that starts out in front of the hotel I’m staying at. Other events are Egg tossing (see which chefs can catch the most with out breaking), to wait staff servicing (running a race with tea cups on a tray), bell captains relay that involves running and then passing a coconut under the legs of a team. Kayak and bamboo raft racing down the Sigatoga River, and the day ends with the main event the BilliBilli Race ~ an Ironman competition. They Swim, they run (barefooted) and they kayak ~ all racing to the finish. The winner is the local hero and honored for a year. I enjoyed watching some of the events. The competition is fierce and it is quite serious. The activities director here at the hotel was the Chairman this year, he spent Tues. morning taking calls from others about “why” some folks were disqualified. They were lodging their complaints about cheating and unfair judges. Sports, no matter what they are are taken seriously.