Outnumbered? No ammo….Never when you are with God… Romans 8:31

El Rom is an Israeli settlement and a kibbutz, in the northern Golan Heights. A special stop was made so that we could see a film about the Valley of Tears war.

In 1973, in the Valley of Tears hundreds of Syrian tanks launched a surprise nighttime attack on a ridge defended by a few tanks The Syrians came prepared. They had night vision; the Israelis did not. The Syrians were able to advance.
The Israeli commander reported that he was amazed at how bravely and skillfully the Syrians fought.

He realized that he was facing annihilation and there was no immediate help coming. A strange calm came over him as he thought, “I am stronger than they are; I am braver than they are”.
He communicated to the other tanks commanders, “I’m moving back to my original position; we must hold the original line; everybody who can, move up with me!” And they all moved up.

The Syrians in the valley below were surprised to see the line still holding. When a tank crew reported that they were out of ammo, the commander responded, “They don’t know that; I need you to stand there and look like you are ready to fight.”

The commander tells how, during the night fighting, he noticed a tank with its taillight turned on standing next to him.
He ordered his tank crews to turn off all lights. They all responded that they had no lights turned on.
He repeated the request and got the same answer. In a flash the truth dawned on him. He held his breath and prayed that he was guessing right. He turned the turret and from a distance of a few meters (yards) blew up the Syrian tank.

The Syrians became amazed as they advanced with 1300 tanks and Israel only had 48…
In the end… Israel was the one who had the Victory.

It reminded me that no matter how outnumbered or underfunded (armed) you are in a situation, Roman’s 8:31 applies:
“If God is for us, who can be against us?”

We always have the victory…

A Syrian tank that was left