Papa, She taught me in school!!!!

Hot hot hot…. That’s the best way to describe the weather. Water is the heaviest item I’m needing to carry from town to the house and I’m drinking a lot of water ~ I need to as I’m sweating by blinking! It is suggested to me that I get a water cooler that comes with 15 liter jugs that they deliver. When I calculated the cost, oh my gosh…. what a savings, not only financially, but I don’t need to carry it to the house! Mr. Pure is on his way!!!!

Ray, Mr. Pure, Roveena, and their two daughters bring my water cooler and water to the house.
I open the door, and I hear his eldest daughter say, “Papa, she taught me in school”. Nice to know that the children still remember. She was totally excited that I’m back. This opens the door to ministry.

We talked about my purpose here and why I keep coming back. They tell me that they are Muslims. We talk about man’s efforts to obtain righteousness. After seeing that human effort falls short, they decide that Jesus is the way. We all pray for them to receive Jesus. Ray tells me that he does have two bibles at home. That he’d search out the two tracks I gave him, good news and Holy Spirit, and study what is in them. Lord, may you fill them with your everlasting love.