People don’t come back every 6 months! Why are you back ~ again?

Ever since I was a young girl, I had always wanted to see the Great Wall, but I don’t think I ever thought that I’d be there three times (at least in one year!)

I always enjoy the Climb up and it’s getting easier and easier. (Photo below shows how steep it is. I’m standing on a landing looking forward).

Again, I was back in front of some of the people I’d met previously; I heard the following words a number of time, “People don’t come back every 6 months! Why are you back ~ again? ” They too, were amazed that I was back for the third time in a year. I would share that it is Love that sends me back to encourage them in their walk with Jesus. It was also to share that great Love with others. Open hearts on the wall on the way up and down. So, I’ll keep going and making the climb. I did find out that there is another section of the wall with a giant slide to help you get down. I was told it is quite the ride ~ I’m hoping that I’ll be able to see another section of the wall in the future!

By the way, my first snowfall experience of 2006 was on the on the Top of the Great Wall! (Honestly, at the time, there was more snow there than back home!)

The easy walk down A new Friend on the Wall

steep wall3.jpg new friend.jpg