Prayer Conversations in the night…

The Holy Spirit woke me up in the middle of Wens. night for prayer. During this time, He showed me a conversation that I was having with someone. It was about reincarnation. I could hear myself asking the question, “Have you ever met someone who was reincarnated?” Then words flowed out on how there was not a single person on the face of the earth that could say that they actually knew someone who was reincarnated. But there were many who could say that they knew Someone who was raised from the dead ~ Jesus. There was more conversation then I went back to sleep.

This afternoon, I meet with Pastor Akei for some prayer and for him to share with me more about the at risk women’s and children’s program they were trying to re-launch. Some unfortunate events happened and they temporarily had to close the center. The goal is to reopen center by the first of the year. I had agreed to go with him and pray in the building where the center had been operating and then go to the new location that they wanted to move it to. It was not known that the landlord had rented out the location the center had been operating out of. Surprise to Akei, but not to God. One of the women working at the business was on the board for the center. She shared how women and children still came seeking assistance. As we talked, her boss came in. He set up an office in Sigatoga but lived in Suva. He had not realized what was there before they signed a lease and opened their office. But whatever he could do to support the center, he would do. We prayed for the center and the business to have their God appointed homes.

We then left and went to see the other location. Currently, there is a family that resides and runs a small business there. The family is going to move at the end of December and will be vacating the space. It is a larger space and could accommodate more women and children.

Niranjana, a woman, runs the business and her mother were there. They invited us in to look at the space and talk. As we were talking, I noticed that they had this life size poster of some man on one wall. Then on another wall, they had another poster of another man. In front of the posters, there were candles burning. I could not help but look at them. After a bit, I finally asked who are those people? Niranjana’s answer ~ the one over there is Sai, he’s very famous as he is the reincarnation of the man in the other poster.

My heart jumped as I realized that the conversation the Holy Spirit had revealed to me the night before was with Niranjana. We talked and I said what the Holy Spirit had shown me. Niranjana asked me if I would pray with her to receive Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior. I said absolutely. I prayed with her then the Lord filled her with His Holy Spirit. Glory to God. Her son, Javin, came in during this filling and received Jesus and was filled too. Niranjana’s mother, Manek, could not speak English so I started out by having her daughter translate for me. After a bit, the Lord gave me the words to say in Fijian (I’m getting really smart!), and she prayed to receive Jesus too. Manek needed healing so I prayed for her to be healed in the name of Jesus. The Lord did so. The family was so glad I came; they blessed me with a Sari.