Public Transportation or is it?

One of my experiences over on this side of the island has to do with transportation. It is different from being in Suva where transportation was frequent, affordable and not really that far from downtown. Where I’m staying now is approx 15 Kilometers from downtown Sigatoga and there are a few ways to get around: 1. Two feet~ with the distance, it is not the most time efficient way to get to town. 2. Taxi Cab ~ the fare one way to downtown is $15 not the most wise way to spend my money 3. Public Bus – I enjoy riding the bus here as I get to meet so many people. But bus schedules in Sigatoga are about every hour and run on Fiji time ~ you need to be early because the bus might be early and if you miss it, the next one will come in an hour (hopefully). 4. Mini Vans & Trucks. There are a number of mini vans making runs along the Queens road. It is the only major road here in Fiji and it circles the entire Island. Drivers make passenger runs back and forth from Nadi to Suva. It is not uncommon for a mini van to stop and pick up a “rider” that flags them down and the fare is the same as the public bus. Trucks are even cheaper. Back home, I think it would be kind of like “hitchhiking” ~ here it is normal public transportation and it’s another adventure with the Holy Spirit!!!!