Q: Are you Heaven Bound?? A: Are you???

In our ministering to the people of Ireland, I noticed a trend. It had to do with the first question that was asked of us.
That question was “Are you a Catholic or Protestant?” That truly is a question that I’ve not heard anywhere in the world.

Usually, when I ask about eternal life, I’ll hear a response like:
“I’m Catholic”
“I’m Lutheran”
“I’m Methodist”
“I’m hoping that it’s heaven”
“I’m not sure”
“I honestly don’t know”

But I’m not use to hearing “Catholic or Protestant.”
My answer: “Neither, I’m a born again, Spirit Filled, Jesus Loving, God Fearing Christian.”
The “neither” is usually what engages the folks in further converstion.

As written in my prayer requst. This Divide of the Catholics & Protestants is huge. I just never realized just how sensitive the people in Ireland are about it. But it is a riff that needs to be removed so the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords can come in.

The ministry in Ballymena & Dublin was a very wonderful time. Having the Lord send me to a place to give the message of Love and Hope, I shall never grow weary of. It is my delight to proclaim the truth so that others can receive eternal Life.