Reversing the Curse… We have the key!!

First off, Burkina Faso is like no other place I’ve been in the world. There is such an overwhelming lack due to the curse in the land which is the result of them forsaking God for idols, witchcraft and other religions. So many basic needs, including safe drinking water, are not available. The curse is so evident by the “dying” vegetation, as the curse is in the land and kills at the root… leaving the plants/trees/ vegetation to wither away. The Sahara desert is pushing southward and more of the land has been becoming barren. As we traveled from one village to another, I could not help but think, we have the key to stopping the curse (JESUS) and reversing the effects of what is happening in the land. It is what happened in Salago (the first village we went out to in 2002 & back in 2003 to see the land surrounding the village becoming green.) More people need to realize this and start reaching out to the lost and giving them the truth. It is the truth that has been revealed to me that compels me to go.