Teaching, Preaching and Sharing…..

Some went and did hut to hut ministry. I was asked to do the children’s ministry. I was given rubber bandz bracelets to bring with me on this trip. They were faith based ones so I was able to share with the children the plan of salvation, Daniel and the lions den, and David and Goliath.
After each lesson, I would ask the children who would volunteer to repeat the lesson. The one who did got a packet of 12.
The others all received a bracelet from the story…

The number of children ebbed and flowed as I taught. Many came who wanted the bracelets.. not knowing the story, the volunteers would repeat “preach” the story of their bracelets.

Another lesson followed on giving to those who have an abundance to those who have little or none. The children grabbed on to being a blessing to others as the ones who had more than one bracelet shared with those who did not have any. We had such a wonderful time teaching, preaching and sharing…

tps.JPG faithbandz.JPG