Thank you so much for your prayers

Thank you so much for your prayers. It is your faithfulness to pray here that enables us to get the work done there. The work we did was different from what we initially thought. We were not able to bring baby Faith back with us on the plane, but what was revealed in the Spirit and the natural in relation to adoptions was HUGE. The favor of God was operating as doors opened up to move the assigned team member into meetings with officials and people in high places in government. The Lord has set something in motion that is the result of a faithful man stepping up in faith to help set the children who are “captive” free. As our team prayed, the Spirit of the Lord kept bringing up the Exodus of the Children of Israel…. It took one man to start the exodus, it took one faithful man to keep going when there was resistance, and it just took one!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!! Continue to pray that what was started and revealed over in China continues to have it’s free course and the Children are ALL allowed to go home to their appointed families.

Back to Hayden to visit the Children. We stayed a few nights at The Inn at Shepherd’s Field; it is the missionary housing complex. The place was built on faith, all the buildings, materials, and sod came as the result of prayers. Not only did they come, they came from Heads of States, Government Authorities and Companies that have influence. God’s hand in directing them has been amazing. The nights we spent there were the sweetest sleep ~ one can tell that much prayer has taken place there. Our time was spent praying and playing. The children are doing well. The houses in Children’s village have been shut down, and the children placed in homes with in the city. The government at this time will not allow visitors to go and see those children. Continue to pray for them, for their every need (especially the need of stable, well trained and loving families) is met.