Will I find Bottom???

Rains had made the roads impassible in many places by landslides. I had never seen sides of mountains give way like this before. Everything was completely saturated. Sections of the mountains would come down like an avalanche… only it was mud and not snow. The region was experiencing rains that had not been in the last century… but we continued on… Getting to the camp village was important to us… As we climbed the mountain, we were amazed that the depth of the mud we were going through… then we were stuck… Moses turned and said, “looks like we’ll need to walk…. Take off your shoes, you might loose them.” Moses flip flops disappear into the mud as he steps and comes up barefoot…

We step out, the warm mud squishes between my toes and I laugh… we walk around a bit and they look at the truck. It is totally stuck. Moses decides to pull the motor bike off the truck. We’ll be riding the part of the way. So here I had a lift via motor bike. I was laughing all the way there.

Arrival at the church and we find a “clean” mud puddle to wash off the mud to enter into the church. Ministry is wonderful.

On the way back, additional rain made it more difficult for the motorbikes, our rides were only part of the way back on the bike, but the mud was so deep, we had to walk the last part of the way.

As I’m walking through the mud, I’m thinking, “I’m on the side of a mountain with brilliantly painted toe nails and I’m going to have the best exfoliation of my feet ever… this is high grade mud that the best spas would evny.”
Know this, it is a hike I will always remember.

For some real humor… PK told me to roll up my pants so they would not get muddy. I laughed even harder… “They are rolled up, the mud is the same color as my pants”. On one step, it was like quicksand and I was wondering if I would find bottom???
Yes, but only after the walk was through knee deep mud…

For those who would never believe without pictures….
The Way….

The first step

The first squish