Will that Work for Me????

My excitement is HUGE right now. As one of the deepest desires of my heart is coming to pass. For 12 years, I have been praying to go to Israel. Numbers of trips have expired with out me on any of them.
When I prayed, it was “Not my trip….” So this time, when I was told that there was a trip to Israel, I immediately dismissed it as “not my trip – still”… But the Spirit of the Lord spoke loudly and said “WILL THAT WORK FOR YOU?”
Oh joy in my heart and filled up to overflowing as I realized that the time has indeed arrived. I depart for Israel today and I am stirred on the inside.

While the details of our trip are not solidified, there are some specific targeted ministry opportunities that we are going to be stepping into. I will not write or share about until we return.
Know this, we will not be standing on street corners shouting “Turn or Burn.” Rather, the Lord has cultivated relationships with people that have opened doors to do some pretty strategic and amazing things.
So I ask you all to pray in the Spirit…. For HIS will to be done and for us to complete all that he has planned. Protection, safe food and water and all transportation to be unhindered and from harm or incident.

For each of you, my prayers are for the Spirit of the Lord to reveal to you the vastness of the plan the Father has for you. For you each to realize that those plans truly are higher than we each have been able to comprehend.
Giving thanks from a grateful heart for the life He has planned for each of us. For the sensitivity for each of us to realize when He is speaking and for the boldness (1Tim2:17) and strength(Phil 4:13) to do all that is required.
Each of us plays a part to bring those who don’t know Him, into harmony and fellowship with Him. Whether it is going yourself or supporting in prayer and supply. For the adventure with Him begins when we allow Him in.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you all. More when I return.
With love in Christ!