Going to a new land

India Feb/Mar 2007

Greetings Faith Friends!! 2007 is moving right along. I’ve been updating the website tothenations.com as I’ve been to and from the mission field.  I’m trying to get more web savvy to keep you all updated, so please be patient with me.  My vision is that you will be stirred when you read of what the Lord is doing by using you and me to reach a lost and dying world.   I will send out prayer requests as I go out (your supply in the realm of Prayer is treasured and much needed). Due to the sensitive nature of the countries I’m in, some of what I write to the blog has to be done when I return.

Going Ye ~ Where to next:

My missions to Fiji have deposited something inside of me that is being expanded upon this week. Two primary people groups live in Fiji: Native Fijians “Islanders” and India Fijians “Indian’s”.  The Indian’s were brought over as slaves by the British and now make up almost 50% of the population.  My missions there have enabled me to developed relationships with many of the Indian people.  They have invited me into their homes, had me partake in special meals and even taught me to dress myself in a sari. Daniel (Jiten), the school teacher, and I talked about the culture, customs and people. It is these precious exchanges and experiences that give me a deeper understanding of the people. Many of those I met asked me if I had been to their homeland India.  My response was not yet, but maybe one day. When I returned to the US, I found the people of India in my heart.   I started to see more and more of them everywhere I traveled.

My prayers have always been, where You go, Lord, I will follow.  If you don’t go with me, I will not go.   On the 2007 Missions schedule, a trip was listed for India.  I went and gathered information, but did not commit.  I kept trying to talk the Lord out of me going rationalizing: “it’s just me that wants to go, timing is off, and I have many things here that need to be done, and I don’t have to go anywhere, I’ve really not been home much.. etc

The Lord is good, as we keep our hearts right towards Him, He will always lead and guide us to take the right steps. After a few good sleepless nights and more prayer, I submitted to what the Lord was speaking to my heart ~ Go to India. On this Thursday, I’ll be departing on my first trip to India. Inside of me, I’m really stirred and excited.  The time already spent ministering to the Indian people has given me some insight, but I am expecting more to come from this adventure.