To the known God

I ventured down to Sedona, Az for some time with the Lord and for a special mission. It is a beautiful place. The Red Rock formations that run through Oak Creek Canyon are a sight to see. God’s handiwork is everywhere.
Many of the people who go to Sedona are looking for a spiritual encounter. Whether or not they admit it, their hearts are longing to be filled by the One True Living God and they will not be satisfied until they have the encounter. It is evident by just looking around. I hiked and prayed many of the trails of the Red Rock Park Region. Along one trail, I came upon a multitude of stone altars. I felt like Paul in Acts Chpt. 17 when he was in Athens seeing all of the altars and many religious articles that man had made.

Verse 23 reads: For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription: TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore you ignorantly worship…

I stopped and prayed at the sight. Seeing all of this made me realize here was a group of individuals who were seeking to be closer to God. Any yet with all that is around, they have not obtained that closeness. Part of me wanted to do some “tipping over”┬Łof all the idols that were created. Love spoke to my heart and shaped my prayers for the place into, May the altar be a memorial built to the One True Living God. To Whom, when the children of Israel had an encounter with, they built an altar as a memorial to remember Jehoviah ~ the one true living God. Not to the “god” of the rock, vortex and stream. For they are all still searching for eternity in their hearts ~ may they find you Lord…

Cathedral Rock at Red Rock Crossing Sunset overlooking Oak Creek Canyon

RRC P.jpg SUNSET.jpg

Church of the Holy Cross

Chuch of Holy Cross.jpg