In the beginning.. new words to hear….

I am having a bible study with my caretakers wife, Nelishni. She had prayed with me earlier to receive Jesus, but she was still following after some Hindu gods. Nelishni and her husband really desire to have a child and have not been able to conceive. She knows that Jesus is the healer and she’ll have a baby.. If only she can grab on and hold on. So today, after literally starting in Genesis, she made the decision to “fully follow Christ.”

I have a getting the grips of the basics faith book that now has her name on it, and as we did chapter 1, I realized that she did not know how God created man. She had never heard the opening line of the bible. We had to start with the very beginning before we could even go to the redemption part.

I tell you , this was a sweet “first” discipleship/bible study I’ve had. So the bible study lasted almost 3 hours. End the end, she acknowledged that Jesus was the only Way and Truth. We even talked about removing all the idols from her house because God is a jealous God. I told her she had to do it. I said, I know it is a big change, but You’re a new person today.

She smiled big. She took the study book with her and will come back to complete the rest of the lessons over the rest of the time I’m here. She told me that when I leave, she’ll need a huge bucket to catch all the tears she’ll be crying. Sweet!