Following the Spirit of the Lord!

This week I’m out of school as I’ll be ministering in the interior and valley. Today it was filling the believers with the Holy Spirit (House calls) and then some salvations on the way to and from All wonderful!!!!!

I came back “home” and went for a walk on the beach at sunset to pray and praise the Lord. On my way back, there is a young boy named Mohammad (now a Christian) who is in Class 7r/j that I have been doing devotionals for over the past three weeks. He called my name and I went over to him. He said “You were not in school today”. I said “you’re right, I’m out this entire week.” I asked him who did the devotional today?

His response touched my heart.. He said “No one” but the entire class sang a song and prayed. I asked what they sang and he told me “I’ve got the Holy Ghost and Fire.” The song is one of the Spirit inspired songs that I was given and have taught the children.

It talks about having the Holy Ghost and fire and what we are to do…. So for the entire class to sing the song when I’m not there is wonderful. It shows that the Spirit is truly leading the class and they are following Him!!! Praise the Lord. Just follow the Spirit.