Taking authority with Prayer & Light….

We went to Ssezebwa falls to walk and pray in the park. Witchcraft is still widely practiced in Uganda and some of the practices are so hard to comprehend. Sacrificing children is not uncommon and it has to stop. Pastor Bill has stated that it is only when the Christians start to pray and take authority over the spirits, does something happen. The officials were afraid of the witchdoctors so the Christians needed to be the one to lead the way. Lead them to Christ then teach them the Authority of the Believer.

As we did our “hike” through the jungle, the guide who is a Christian, shared with us about the history and events that take place in the park after dark. We came across shrines and altars as well as garmets that are used in the rituals of the witchdoctors. Still all hard to believe, even more when you see it. Photos below….

After Ssezebwa falls, we head back to Seya to pray on the ground where the Lord is building the bibe school and church.

Ssezebwa Falls Ssezebwa Falls

Alters and shrines…. removing the darkness by prayer and bringing the Light!

altar altar 2 shrine