A Divine Influence upon the heart…

My trip to China was amazing… our plans were changed from what we originally thought, but we felt it was the Lord protecting us and the believers there in China.
One of my missionary rules is “When things don’t go as expected, don’t lower your expectation of God. “ “He’ll often do more that what was expected in the beginning.”

This was the case as I saw how the Lord took the cold heart of a communist administrator in a Special Needs Orphanage and turn it into a heart of love.

I stood amazed as this was our 5th trip back to the orphanage. I believe in my heart the administrator was saved in the past year as there was a love for the children as a father would love his own.

To have that love had to be a divine influence upon the heart.

When we were there before, he treated the children as “numbers” and he was doing a job. I noticed as we went from room to room to pray and hold the children he joined in with interacting with the children. Laughing, holding and talking. It was interaction that I recognized as the “Love of the Lord” because he saw a purpose for their lives. They were not just “numbers” anymore.

It had to be revelation from God.

Being that there were other officials with us, we were restrained by the Holy Spirit in asking him if he indeed was now a Christian. The Word of the Lord says that “even the hardest hearts of kings are like water in His hand”, that “the Lord will turn it to where it pleases Him to have it go.”

Right before we left, he handed me a little boy and told one of the others with me to take a photo of the boy and me. That is absolutely Forbidden in any state run orphanage. And yet here I was getting my photo taken with a boy. Again, God influencing his heart.