Salvation, Baptisim and Footwashing

We were asked if we could visit a former communist official. He was an elderly man who had a stroke. A family member had been ministering to him and he received Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He wanted to be water baptized. Interesting thing about China, many houses do not have bathtubs, just showers. It was way too cold to go outside and find a pond to baptize him in.
The Holy Spirit of the Lord gave us the answer. use warm water and a basin. Plan was given, ministry went to the man about the meaning of baptism and as the water trickled down his face a Holy Reverance fell in that place. His face expressed “awe” or “of being overwhelmed”. My words cannot accurately describe.

After water baptism, we washed his feet. Here was the communist official who grew up and was taught there was no God, was now saved and baptized. Praise the Lord.

We then ministered to the rest of the family and prayed with additional family members to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.