A Familiar place

On the drive, you could smell Lake Victoria. Which is the Largest freshwater lake in Africa and one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the world. The Nile River starts here in Uganda and flows north to the Mediterranean Sea. The city of Kampala is a modern city with a few hi-rise buildings.
Even though it was 10:30 at night, I started to notice a few things that made me feel like I was in a familiar place… Palm trees.. Yes, Palm Trees.

Before we departed, I knew that Uganda was not going to be like the other nations in Africa I had been to. I was aware that it was “Tropical”, but again, I did not really think about palm trees, lush greenery and sugar cane plantations galore! Banana trees, papaya trees and pineapple plants. WOW! I was feeling like I was back in Fiji. It was a familiar place…..

Falls outside of Lugazi, Uganda River running through